Unlimited Free trial for the 1st month

Then guests can see all of your info and services for free

Simple Pricing

One time fee

per 1st order/message
  • Online chat & Chat bot
  • Analytics & Reviews
  • Push notifications
  • Tailored Homepage
  • Online POS & Upselling
  • Inventory tracking

Extra Benefits

Integrate with your PMS for free

Amazing customer support

Custom QR promo flyer

Request custom features

Interactive tutorials for easy setup

Cancel anytime no extra fee


How hotel app helps with reopening hotel after Covid-19?

Our hotel app allows guest to talk with the front desk, order services and find information about the hotel online. This will allow your staff to follow the strictest social distancing rules.

Why do I pay for each checkin?

We want our pricing to be as fair as possible. Instead of charging a flat amount every month, we think it's better for you to only charge for customers who actually used the app.

Can GuestBell integrate with my system?

We already integrate with a number of commonly used property management systems. We are happy to add more via our pilot programme. Simply tell us what system do you want us to integrate with and we'll work directly with you to make it happen.

Can you help me setup my property after choosing plan?

Working with GuestBell is extremely simple. We designed and tested every page to make sure it's easy to work with. There's also a number of tooltips, videos and an interactive walkthrough to help you out. If you still encounter a problem, just send us a message and we'll be happy to help.

Are the features of the trial version limited?

No. You get all advanced features for 30 days. The features are exactly the same as in the paid version. Bear in mind that paying customers enjoy priority support though.

How can I delete my property?

There is no need to delete your property if you expect a period without guests as we only charge you when your guest opens the app. If you however want to close for good, it is very easy to do so, just navigate to plans in your dashboard and follow instructions.

How often do I pay for GuestBell?

We charge you every month, only for the check-ins accessed by your guests on their web app. We won't charge you at all if no guests opened the app in the given month.

Can you implement a feature for me?

We love hearing your ideas! Most of the features in GuestBell started as feedback or feature request from our customers. Please do not hesitate and share your idea with us.

More questions? Contact us.