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Why should you get GuestBell hotel online room service app?


Get great reviews

Right now, your guests are not sharing their issues with you during their stay. Instead they may leave bad reviews. GuestBell fixes this by allowing them to talk with you via online chat on their smartphone. That's why hotels with a mobile room service app enjoy higher customer satisfaction ratings from their guests.

Online room service

All services in one place

Leaflets, room service menus, trip brochures... GuestBell puts everything you offer into your guest's smartphones. Easy to maintain, easy to find. All information is always up to date and you don't have to print anything.


Boost revenues

Selling more services means earning more money. GuestBell does this in a modern and easy way. Guests are used to shopping online, why not allow them to find your deals.


Connect with guests

Are your guests leaving never to return? Do you struggle to get them to come back? GuestBell can help you solve this. Offer extra discounts to returning customers, get in touch with them via chat and create a relationship they'll be happy to come back to.


Save time

Do you feel like you are always busy? Are daily tasks keeping you from focusing on the important issues? Your time as a hotel manager is precious. Smart applications such as GuestBell help you optimize your tasks and give you priceless statistics about your performance. No more trial and error.


Your guest are online, are you?

95% of the population use internet when looking for deals and offers. Let them find yours. It is so easy to set up your property. Everything is online, easy to change and maintain. Just give it a try for free and you'll never go back.

Why choose GuestBell?

Easy initial set-up

All information in one place

In GuestBell, you can create an amazing Welcome page. This is where you provide your guests with information about your property.

Our content editor is second to none. Unlike other solutions, we allow YOU to create and change information about your property. You can choose from our templates to make your job easier.

Make as many changes as you want. GuestBell will make sure your guests will always see the latest.

That means no more printing leaflets. This saves you money and it saves the environment.

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Your time is precious

Productivity above all

We've optimized every step of the process. Instead of weeks, it takes minutes to start using GuestBell.

The whole process is accompanied by walkthrough videos and tutorials.

But we don't need to sweet-talk you into using our product. Just explore it and see for yourself.

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Unrivaled features

Nextgen chat solution

  • Many employees can participate in one chat. That's why it's easy to answer any inquiries.
  • Manually tag conversations as 'resolved' once they have been taken care of. That is how GuestBell ensures no problems stay unresolved.
  • Avoid duplicate replies by seeing who else is viewing or working on a conversation.

Chat also gives you a proof of solving problems. This way, a powerful knowledge base can be created for common questions. Answering these becomes even easier while saving valuable time.

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How does it work?

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    Choose plan

    Start by creating a plan that suits your need. You can setup number of rooms, services and employees.

    Learn more about prices on the "pricing" page.

    Hint: The free version doesn't require any credit card. You can also upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.

    Choose plan

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