Boost Revenue

Sell your services in a modern and effortless way. GuestBell comes packed with powerful tools like upselling, push notifications, promotions and group messages. All designed to increase your sales.


Cut Costs

Power your hotel with business intelligence and benefit from highly valuable data our platform provides. Quality data enables you to make right decisions.


Improve Reviews

Hotels with online room service app enjoy higher customer satisfaction rates from their guests. Join them and welcome more customers attracted by better reviews.

Easy initial set-up

Tempting Features

Spoil your guests with modern tech they'll love to use!

Your Room Service, Welcome Brochure and Front Desk in the Smartphone. It was never this easy to promote your hotel.


Talk to your guests in the language they understand.

100% Compatible

Works on every device, no need to download anything.


Upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.

Push Notifications

Guests will never miss your special offers again.

Few simple steps

How it works?


Pre-check-in (optional)

GuestBell can send automated pre-check-in email/sms. This allows guests to browse your service offering, place orders or use chat prior to their arrival.



A direct link gives guests access to your hotel app directly from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. No need to download or register.


During stay

Guests benefit from your new hotel app throughout their stay. Receive sightseeing tips, arrange spa treatments, or book room service.



GuestBell gives you an overview of the whole stay. This information comes in handy during check-out. Total amount to settle, all orders, reviews and chat messages are in one place.

Introducing ChatBot

Create Better
Guest Experience

Always on duty

Our chat bot automatically answers questions about your hotel, services and app.

Great coworker

Complex issues are effortlessly transferred to your employees.

Robust and flexible

Easily create Q&A knowledge base and never answer the same question again.



Get Your Own Hotel App
in Minutes

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Perfect Integrations

Optimize your workflow and never do the same thing twice. GuestBell is connected to many world-renowned PMS allowing us to connect with 100% of hotels' clients.


Property Management System


Property Management System


Property Management System


Property Management System

Oracle Suite8

Property Management System


Property Management System


Property Management System


Property Management System

Grow your business
using Analytics

Power your hotel with business intelligence and benefit from highly valuable data our platform provides. GuestBell analytics lets you measure your room service revenue, reviews, chat, delivery time and more.

See it in action!

Reopening Hotel After Covid19

Social distancing is the solution to overcome the covid19 pandemic in the hospitality industry. GuestBell hotel app is packed with social distancing features that will help with reopening your hotel.

Our hotel concierge app will help you overcome these challenges and provide high-quality experience for your guests.

Covid-19 phone icon

Ready to get started?

Explore our documentation, or create an account instantly and start serving your guests. You can also contact us if you need further assistance.

Always know what you pay

Simple flat pricing ensures you always pay predictable fair price.

Integrate with anything

Create your own custom integration. Our experts are here to help you.