Story of GuestBell

The idea to create GuestBell was with us for a while before it became reality. It needed to mature, and so did the technology that we intended to use. One of our key values was, and always will be, to provide our users with performable and visually attractive end product.

Finally in July 2017 we felt like the time had come for us to start doing what we really love: creating a product capable of making people live better.

It took thousands of man hours to get the job done, but finally, February 2nd 2019, we felt like we were ready. And so was GuestBell. Released, but our journey was only at the beginning. We have dozens of ideas for new features and improvements. We strive for perfection and that's what our job is for the years to come.


Nextgen online room service

It doesn't matter if you run a B&B or a big chain of successful Hotels. This product is built for everybody. It serves the most important people in the world, your guests. We realize the endless effort that goes into making sure your customers are having the time of their life in your establishment. But we also know how difficult it can be for you as an owner or a manager.

We live in a modern world and that's where the real people come from. All of us can now make our life easier with smart technologies. And that's what we are giving you. A Smart hotel.

Guests can now finally find all the information they need in one place. The device they trust, their mobile device. They can communicate with you any time, share their joy and share their feedback with you.

It opens a previously non existent channel of communication through which you can offer all your additional services. You can talk directly to people who are most likely to enjoy what you have to offer.

Smart Hotel is what we envisioned and it is what you can start using today, free of charge with no commitments.

In charge

Founder Picture
Peter Kottas
Co-founder & CEO

Peter is a technology mastermind behind GuestBell who is finally fulfilling his lifelong dream of running a successful company.

"There's nothing that makes me happier than being able to work on a product capable of improving lives of people all around the world"

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Veronica Brazdil
Co-founder & CMO

MSc in Computer Science and former graphics designer brings keen eye for detail, exquisite taste in design and natural talent for marketing.

"I don't believe in taking shortcuts, all we do, we do 100%. That's why every aspect of GuestBell is brought to perfection."

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